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The underground hall, the gambling house, are like the offices of this harmful character; the news of a poisoning, the supply of beverages with concoctions that put the victims at the discretion of the wicked; the extinction of light in games; the masked men and other misdeeds are the solace of these true demons.

“You’ve left me really scared.” with your relationship, I said to my friend; I did not even suspect the existence of this social aberration, in view of the order, well-being and calm surface of this fortunate population.

“To complete the picture of these curiosities, I should speak to you.” of gypsies deciding good fortune, of spiritualists, above all, who make their fortune, overwhelm wills and enjoy in that country of numbers, of immense popularity.

“Dr. Koern, he lives in that dark dirty alley that runs between Bush and Sutter streets.”

His type is the net type of the Jew: long hair, long nose, small eye, and crooked body. The toilet in which he dispatches has the appearance of those offices of alchemists that the pen of Walter Scot has immortalized, and not precisely because of ovens and retorts, stuffed lizards, and human skulls, but because of the appearance of the magician or necromancer and the character of a mystery that he knows how to communicate to his surroundings. He has a very large clientele, receives like a potentate, and is believed to have gathered an immense wealth.

It is said of the first that with unprecedented perseverance, and for many years, he has kept books in which are inscribed a thousand peculiarities, notable events and names of people that become somewhat visible. To resolve a query, he gives two or three days, and at that time he makes his inquiries, using highly skilled agents.

Foster’s specialty is divination: things bordering on prodigies are told about him. A name was written for him and told to guess; for this the doctor supplied

the pencil or had a correspondent in the circle, who by means of imperceptible signs kept him informed of what was written. His actions were denounced.

A competitor of his, in disguise, asked him where his brother was. Foster designated him a point of the East with special peculiarities …. after hearing the rival, he told him that he had no brother and that Foster was a trickster; the press got hold of the event, and Foster emigrated from San Francisco.

The originalities of the Yankee, his superstition, have not been made known as in the use of blue glasses.

“It is very general in some peoples of the United States the concern that blue glass exerts such a favorable influence on health, that it preserves it from almost all affections. The antidote cannot be simpler in its application, nor cheaper, since it is enough for the object to receive from time to time the rays of the sun through a glass of that color, whatever its size, and the way it is placed. D

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